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Bumble Boost: A Shady Rebill Scam?

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Over the past couple years, there’s been a predictable cycle in dating apps.  First came the gamification: Instead of building out social networks and meeting people organically on old-school sites like E-Harmony and, dating apps made it a game to swipe right.  The faster you swiped right, the more potential matches you landed.  Each swipe was another potential hook up or date.  In the end, this probably led to a lot more sore thumbs than broken hearts.

Have Questions About Bumble Boost and its Rebill Tactics?

The gamification worked. Once users were hooked on swiping right, they couldn’t stop.  And at the point, dating apps predictably shifted into monetization mode.  They limited the number of daily swipes, and once the quota was reached, you had to pay!   If you didn’t get enough matches and were still looking for love, you had to drop your hard earned coin for the chance to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

This all translated into big bucks for the dating apps; the online mobile statistical database Statista estimated that in 2017 mobile dating revenue was up or near half a billion dollars!  That’s a lot of matches and swipes!

This leads us to the current issue.  Bumble Boost, like many dating apps, has been going hard into monetization mode.  Paying Bumble Boost subscribers get to see who’s swiped right and can also match with people after  it expires. Plus, they have a longer time to contact new matches.

Did Bumble Boost Take Your Money and Refuse to Refund You?

However, as good as that sounds there might be some issues with Bumble’s current business model, because:

(1) Bumble Boost doesn’t offer refunds;

(2) Sometimes Bumble doesn’t provide conspicuous disclosures about recurring charges and cancellation options; and

(3) A lot of consumers question whether or not the features even work!

Recently, a writer on Vox stated “paying for Bumble didn’t improve her actual experience on the app. In three weeks of using it, she’s gone on one date but said she probably would have swiped right on the person anyway.”

We May Be Able To Help Secure Your Bumble Boost Refund

If you’ve been feeling burned by Bumble Boost, if you’ve requested a refund and haven’t gotten one, or if you’ve had trouble cancelling your Bumble Boost account, we’d love to chat and discuss your experience.  Just fill out the intake form or send a message to

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