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Read a blog post about Bumble Boost's consumer issues

Bumble Boost A Shady Rebill?

Bumble Boost has a rebill problem and consumers are upset!

Read a blog post about Uber's new terms of service changes

Let's Talk About Uber's New TOS

Uber is in the middle of a reputation rehabilitation tour, and it changed its terms of service as part of the plan.

GDPR lawyer

Time is Running Out To Comply With GDPR

The General Protection Data Rule goes into effect in a matter of days. Are you prepared?

Terms of Service Lawyer: Readable Terms of Service Custom

Readable Terms of Service & Website Agreements

Let’s talk about readable terms of service agreements and why they may become the law of the land.

Santa Monica Startup Lawyer

Was MoviePass’ Recent Account Purge Legal?

Did MoviePass Terms of Service violations lead to mass cancellations? Jump in to discuss.

Internet law blog: online sales tax question

Supreme Court To Consider Online Sales Tax

The United States Supreme Court has decided to re-examine the online sales tax.