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24.Sep, 2018 0

Bumble Boost: A Shady Rebill Scam?

Bumble Boost has a rebill problem and consumers are upset!

9.Jun, 2018 0

Uber Made #MeToo Changes To Its Terms of Service

Uber is in the middle of a reputation rehabilitation tour, and it changed its terms of service as part of the plan.

14.May, 2018 0

Online Businesses: Time is Running Out To Comply With GDPR

The General Protection Data Rule goes into effect in a matter of days. Are you prepared?

9.May, 2018 0

Thou Shall Not Break This Contract: Readable Terms of Service, SAAS Agreements, and Privacy Policies

Let’s talk about readable terms of service agreements and why they may become the law of the land.

12.Mar, 2018 0

Terms of Service Law: Was MoviePass’ Recent Account Purge Legal?

Did MoviePass Terms of Service violations lead to mass cancellations? Jump in to discuss.

6.Feb, 2018 0

Affiliate Legal News: Supreme Court Will Consider Online Sales Tax Question

The United States Supreme Court has decided to re-examine the online sales tax.

5.Feb, 2018 0

Save Yourself Future Legal Hassles By Hiring A Startup Lawyer Now

Hiring a compliance lawyer early on is the smart, cost-saving choice for startups. Click through to find out why.

2.Feb, 2018 0

International Online Privacy Law: Facebook’s Path To GDPR Compliance

To comply with the upcoming GDPR online privacy rule, Facebook is handing over control. Is your company ready?

31.Jan, 2018 0

Five Things To Consider When Drafting SaaS Agreements

What are the most important elements to include in an effective software as a service (SaaS) contract?

31.Jan, 2018 0


The Ninth Circuit ruled that violating a website’s terms of service does not amount to criminality.